Rembering What We Lost...

Today we pause to remember those who only 5 years ago lost their lives in one of the greatest tragedies on American soil.
September 11, 2001: I remember walking into the living room and seeing the second plane hit. I had been getting ready for my government class, but when I saw what was happening, I stopped what I was doing and took a moment to think about the people being affected by what was before my eyes. I finished getting ready and went to class. Suffice it to say, we did not learn about that day's intended topic. Our professor spent the time talking with us, speculating with us, discussing with us what had happened, was still happening, and why it had happened. After class I went to visit my aunts who told me about the pentagon and the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania. We were all stunned into silence. In the following days, I watched the news and went online to find out what I could about what had happened. I learned the name Osama bin Laden for the first time...the most evil name on Earth. I watched news report after news report about the various companies whose residence were at either tower one or tower two. I was affected greatly by that day, but until now, I did not have a chance to do something I have wanted to do for 5 years. I wanted to put a face and name to September 11. Now, I finally have that chance. Today, my blog is dedicated to a man who lost his life that day.

Sean B Fegan
Mr. Fegan was a broker for the Fred Alger company. He was a man who loved life and traveling. Mr. Fegan traveled whenever he got the chance. One of his favorite places to travel was Ireland, where his family was from. He enjoyed watching sports games and spending time with his family. He was at work on the 93rd floor of tower one on September 11, 2001 when the planes hit. He died during the terrorist attacks. He was 34 years old. Mr. Fegan left behind a girlfriend, his parents, a brother and sisters. Through his friends and family, his name will not be forgotten, and his love of life will live on through those who knew him best.
Today, I honor the life of Mr. Sean B. Fegan. He may have left the world too soon, but his memory remains forever.
Please pause for a moment of silence sometime today to remember all of the victims of September 11, 2001. If we come together, nothing can defeat us.


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